24 July 2012

Birdy love

We had a run of bad luck with computers earlier this year, and during that time I thought I had lost years worth of photos that I hadn't backed up.  Happily, I was able to retrieve all those photos and now try to upload them in various places online so I will always have them. One of my greatest joys is photographing birds.  We have feeders and now my grandmother's birdbath (at least I think it's hers, if not it's the spitting image if it) and our oasis in urban sprawl brings us countless varieties of birds visiting. So, without further ado-birds of the Concord Heights:

1 comment:

  1. ahh! so glad you were able to get to your pictures! love the heron/egret? they are everywhere here. in my previous life, i once sat on my front porch and thought the dandelions were traveling, only to realize a huge flock of goldfinch feeding... was beautiful!