14 August 2012

Endings and New Beginnings

I shared the news yesterday on Facebook, this photo is an *outtake* and I wanted to use it in some way as well to share the Pixie in those eyes. I haven't seen that mischief, humor and light in those eyes in a very long time.  So today and for all tomorrows I celebrate it.

Yesterday my beloved girlie ended her cancer treatment. The news has been spread far and wide (and continues to spread) and, as with her treatment and bringing us prayers and healing energies on her behalf, we had countless strangers celebrating her victory with us.

Tomorrow we leave for Scotland, with a layover in Amsterdam.  She is so incredibly excited!  This is her Make a Wish *wish* (well, the Scotland part, the Amsterdam visit is bonus thanks to the long layover).

We'll be back in ten days, with loads of photos!

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