13 May 2013

Hello old friend

Ahh, dear journal we meet again.  It's been so hectic to gather a thought, much less try and put it down in printed words.  I have to thank my BSM sisters for steering me back to writing, I hope to see them returning to their blogs with more regularity so we can share our creative hearts together.

Two jobs, school (for a degree in psychology), reconnecting with energy via my work as a massage therapist and energy worker over the last four months has been very helpful in getting me back into the land of the living.  My girl is healthy, still cancer-free and growing like a weed again.  Thank heavens!

Messages of late have been guiding me back to spirit.  I've maintained a connection with my guides and Archangel Michael through these last several months however now the mother earth energy is calling to me.  Water, earth and spirit singing a siren song to woo my soul back on path.

Creative endeavors for the weeks ahead: planting a wee garden of our own. Moving my plants to a new home, hoping they take so that I can have access to some of the herbs to harvest.  I have lovely comfrey plants I see making into healing balms.  I have my collection of yarn, beckoning me to knit and soothe my soul.

Hoping the poke the embers of my creative flame and bring it here to reconnect with fellow bloggers I have long since lost touch with.

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