20 July 2014

Faery Messages

So much has changed since I last wrote, I've moved back to an area I adore.  I am rebuilding my magical life with my beautiful girl Pixie alongside.  The creative process is churning and swirling and I have so many ideas I am trying organize and implement; it's rather like herding cats!  This evening as I sat in a swirling of creative brainstorming I happened to look up and glance out the window and across the backyard was the most beautiful doe peeking back at me.  It was such an exhilarating and magical moment for me, I was so happy and excited.  I have been looking out the windows along the back of the house for the last month since we moved, expecting to see a deer out there because I could *feel* the deer energy.
Deer, for me, speak to my Celtic soul (and ancestry).  When I see them an electric charge of excitement surges through me, it is such a profound and magical moment for me.  I find them to vibe strongly with faery energy and magic, I love it.

Seeing this beautiful girl has given me the energetic shove to move forward in the creative pursuits I have been thinking a lot about this year.  The first project has been the creation of my new photography page, Two Broomsticks Photography, on FB.  I am returning once again to my photography and selling some of my prints.  The next project is currently in the early stages, I am hoping to reveal it by the Autumn Equinox, so stay tuned! ;)

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