06 May 2012

Our (Super) Full Moon in Scorpio experience

While, sadly, Pixie and I missed the opportunity to bask in the light of the Moon as she rose last night (dang clouds!).  What I did get to see were two bats frolicking about in the dimming sky.  It's rather early here for them so it was a surprise (and for all the ick factor they give me, a real treat).

So Pixie and I went about our evening, I made plans to do a release spell yesterday on this energetic-steroid-enhanced day,  As the Moon went Full late in the evening I decided that perhaps I wait as close to then as possible.  There were no worries about making it that long, I was far from sleepy, in fact I was wired for sound.  The energy was palpable and coursed through me like a caffeine buzz, I could see as 11pm hit (and eeps, no noticing the time either) that my Pixie was just as energized.

I sat and wrote all that I was releasing, poured every ounce of fear and energy toward these  into the page of paper.  My release spell wasn't full out ritual, I didn't have most of the gear, but simple is often best so I went with the intent and energy.  I crumpled the page and shook as the energy flowed into the paper. Then went into the bathroom and into a metal container lit the wad on fire and let it all go before flushing the ashes out of my life.  I felt amazing!  Fantastic! Brilliant!  There is no word for the lightness and energetic fabulousness I experienced last night.  I released all my attachments to fear over various things in my life, and with the last two years fear associated with money and debt had been huge.  I let it all go.  This morning after researching Bat energy I found that the earth and spirit energies were certainly backing me up for this ritual, as I saw them 3-4 hours before I did the release ritual. 

Once Pixie was in bed and sleeping I lay and did some positive affirmations, sent prayer to all that hear me and then sort of floated a bit in my head, I forgot my melatonin so took it late in the evening and was nowhere near ready for sleep but it was after midnight so I at least attempted.  I lay and became aware of energies and presences around me, in the corner of the room at the foot of the bed I saw sparkles and movement of white swirliness.  I asked if they had something to tell me, WRONG move!  Suddenly there was a flood of noise, energy and I could hear a man's voice talking which freaked me out because it sounded like it was far off in the house. I shut the fan off and sat up in bed listening. At this point Pixie woke up (I share her room since she started her cancer treatment and my old room has become a storage room sadly), and asked what was going on.  I told her and when I settled back down in bed we lay there and shortly after she commented on the swirling sparks of light all over the ceiling, which I was watching but had not said a word to her.  It was like a mushroom cap of dots of light (I saw pink, she saw no distinct color) that seem to press toward us, as though it was a cushion hanging from the ceiling. In the far corner of the room she could see movement, swirls and such (I had not told her of what I saw in the opposite corner) and there was a distinct high-test pressure of energy to the room.  I think perhaps it scared her a bit, we have never experienced anything so intense.  I commented to her that I had the impression this energy was calling to us, and then wondered if this was what some of the "2012" people believe, that we transform and ascend into this energy (maybe wrong choice of words but I'm coffee-less), becoming a part of this energy.  It felt like this was calling us to it, to come with it, and suddenly I was no longer afraid.  I felt a snippet of what this energy holds and it's beautiful.

The movements around the room started up even more and began to make me uncomfortable because the energy was so intense I was vibrating, it was near 1am and sleep was needed so I went looking for my zeolite, my one crystal that acts as my psychic housemother, allowing me a break from too much energy, or invasive energy (as a intuitive reader I have some people who feel they can just push their psychic energy into my space when they want a reading, this zeolite is great for shoring up those boundaries).  Once I found it I held it a bit, placed it on my crown chakra/third eye a bit and then gave it to Pixie to hold.  This dimmed out the energy and light show in a huge way and she was able to go back to sleep, by this time I was more than ready for sleep myself but SO excited about wanting to write it all down and share with my spiritual community and friends!

What were your experiences last night?  I look forward to hearing about all of them.

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