27 November 2014

Giving thanks

 After a stormy Wednesday and flickering power that eventually went out as heavy snow fell across the region we woke to lights. Thankful for a warm home, good food to eat and spending this day with the one person I love most.
 Making homemade cranberry sauce, trying to keep my darling Pixie out of the cranberries is not easy.  This year's sauce is made with two bags of local organic cranberries, the rind and juice of two tangerines, a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup, a pinch of cloves and a decent grating of nutmeg.  Cooking this down until it thickens and let cool. 
The aroma of the cranberries, tangerines and spices are tantalizing and the sound of the cranberries popping and bubbling is such a comforting sound.  Over the years my Pixie and I have resorted to standing at the oven picking turkey off and dipping it right in the cranberries, devouring half our meal before it even reaches the table.

Giving thanks this day for every blessing that I have, have had and will have.  For all the past pain and struggle I have had I have been blessed with a healthy, beautiful daughter and a wonderful family of friends who have always been there for us and that outweighs our past struggles.

So today is spent enjoying a wonderful meal with my girl, snuggling up with our cats and watching the parade, movies while knitting and having plenty of hot tea.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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