10 November 2014

Two Broomsticks Photography

If I would get paid for taking photos of nature all day I would be so incredibly and blissfully happy.  The peacefulness of being out amongst the flora and fauna is so soothing and I find I lose hours when I get out with my camera. I've not sold any of my prints in several years due to many factors, one of which is finding a cost effective way to print them.  I once had access to a fantastic photo printer but that is no longer an option.  I've looked over websites and haven't found anything I like.  I basically don't want someone else making money off of my art.  I want to be able to offer it at a fair price that brings me income and compensation for my work but isn't exorbitant to cover other costs.  I've been working on my website (slowly), The Passionate Heart. The readings are up and running and I am getting clients ordering up (thank you!) their readings however I haven't done the Two Broomsticks section for my photos.  Whilst you can have a look at the photos there is no ordering option until I find a good printing resource that provides me with prints I love and would feel comfortable selling.  In the meantime, there is my Facebook page-Two Broomsticks Photography, stop by and say hi and enjoy the photos I share there.

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