30 September 2011

31 Days of Samhuinn Cooking

I am a cooking nut, not so much in recent years since having to live with family and all my magical, wonderful kitchen gear is in storage. My inspiration has taken a beating without space of my own to stretch my creative cookery muscles throughout the year.

Autumn does bring a new burst of energy to me with the urge to bake, cook and create. We are very lucky this year to have Pixie's appetite back to healthy levels and in another week we shall have the kitchen to ourselves for two glorious weeks. This means pulling out all of my spices and goodies and do some kitchen magic-creating new recipes! I've not done this is five years or so...Single parenting in addition to schooling, working, and all that has come our way in the last year and a half is not conducive to finding my bliss in the kitchen....plus the kitchen is horrid, often filthy and sucks the life out of me...It's just not *my* magical space.

So I'll be smudging and clearing my heart out all over the place once we have the space to ourselves. I have a ritual or two I'll fire up to welcome in loved ones milling about. My late grandmother, the source of my love of kitchen witchery, will definitely be here soaking in the love and light of the hearth.

The point of this post/blathering is that I had the idea a week or so ago to post recipes each day for the month of October in gearing up for everyone's Samhuinn feasting. I'll be pulling out some recipes from my food columnist days with the now-defunct Pagan Activist as well as sharing old family favorites I've tinkered with and other recipes I've developed over the years. It had been my plan to write a pagan cookery book however life has been throwing curve balls my way so I'll take the sign to not pursue it, at least right now. This month will be spent reveling in kitchen magic with my Pixie and hopefully my nephew Foxy who is exploring his interest in cooking.

Besides, with my love of sharing ideas, info, etc. I think it sets better with me to gift what I can to the world. If I were meant to make money off of it, I would. The only thing I require is that credit is given, if anyone shares these recipes. I've run into some people over the years who have totally ripped off my recipes (copy and pasted no less) and passed it as their own. Not cool.

Let the feasting begin!

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