28 September 2011

Day 2-44 Days of Witchery-A myth or story from folklore.

Pillowed on the sea-wrack, brown am I,
On the gleaming white-sheen sand

Lulled by the sweet croon of the waves I lie

Could slumber deep, part thee and me
Far away, my own gruag-ach lone
On the gleaming white-friend reefs
Lies that cause of all my moan
Did slumber deep, part thee and me
On the morrow shall I, o'er the sound
O'er the gleaming white-sheen sand
Swim until I reach my loved one brown
Nor slumber deep, part thee and me
~The Seal-Woman's Croon (An Cadal Trom)

My favorite bit of history/folklore of my sea family are of the selkies/selchies. While I have not inherited the webbed fingers from my great-great grandmother I have inherited the deep love of water and the sea. I joke of us in the family having sea water in our veins, reflective of our devotion to the sea and being in it or near it. It's true though, my maternal grandfather's family have lived at least 1,000 years on or near the sea. It must be genetic. ;)


This post is from the 44 Days of Witchery

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