22 September 2011

Go placidly amid the noise.....

I have been trying to find a way to write about this, without it sounded disjointed or odd, for weeks now. I have been experiencing, as have friends and acquaintances, an increase in heightened intuition in recent months. I've decided to finally get this written down in hopes that it reaches others experiencing these peculiar happenings.

A few conversations in the last month or so have revealed to me other's beliefs that parallel dimensions/realms are closing in on this one. So the fae, angelic, spirit, etc. realms are beginning to intermingle more frequently and noticeably with many people.

The biggest challenge has been the over-stimulation so many are experiencing and not really able to pinpoint where or why, they are just STRESSED. I have always been easily over-stimulated by lights, sound, even rough textures. Now add to that the emotional overload living as an empath brings, especially if I don't filter or shield. To that comes another layer of increased intuition or whatever you wish to call it.... I have a LOT of chatter in my head and movement all around me. While driving I have nearly scared myself stupid thinking an animal or person is bolting out into the road in front of me and then once everything registers I realise that it's a *shade* or shadow. Nothing malevolent, just a movement or maybe an echo or something. I've share this with others in the last two months and have learned several people have been experiencing the same thing. I had been thinking that it was either a pre or post event happening in that particular area. That I was seeing a deer that either was there at one point or was going to be there....for example.

Another phenomena my mafiosa and I have been trying to figure out and chalking up to perimenopause or menopausal effects are the sensations of a bug or tickle or spider webbing running across our skin. With nothing actually being there. We all agree that the veil is thinning much earlier this year and everything is far more active earlier than usual. Some say this is an energetic shift to get our attention in preparation for 2012. I don't know if it's that but there is definitely some attention-getting going on and a HUGE rush to push many people to a place where they shift energetically as well.

Another interesting happening I am finding is that many people are also experiencing an increase in heightened intuition. I think it's why mine has grown so fast in the last year and a half especially. So if you are experiencing it and think maybe you are losing your mind, you are not. You ARE experiencing a boost in intuition. So focus more on it and work with it, you need this for a reason (no idea what the reason is yet, just know this is very important).

There is also noticeably connection for many people with Native Americans. So far, as it's only recently that I have noticed this pattern, it seems centred around those of Native American descent. I am considering the possibility that it's affecting many people in the Americas because of the location and history. So now I wonder if those in other countries are feeling an increase in connection to their indigenous peoples or ancestry. I am seeing Native American spirit guides more frequently right now around people I have done readings for. So far all of these men and women have ancestry they have identified as Native American. Tonight I had a woman make herself known to me. A beautiful young Native American with the thickest, darkest hair. She was speaking in another language that I did not understand and apparently there is not English override at the moment in my head? So I have no idea what her message what or for whom. I have not found any proof of NA ancestry in my family so I immediately assume this is for someone else as one of my guides is a very old Native American woman. As Pixie is Iroquois and Algonquin (that I know of) this could have been for her but instinct tells me no. So stay tuned, I may have a message to pass along to someone.

A busy end to Summer! I wish you all a blessed Harvest and Autumnal Equinox. May your tables be bountiful!

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