13 October 2011

Calling all Intuitives, Psychics, etc.

So I have a question for anyone who has more fine tuned intuition/psychic abilities. While out through here (Pixie and her cousins call this place "The Realm") to take photos in the back property I was overtaken by this very odd feeling.  It scared me and though I have not ruled out low blood sugar or low blood pressure I have found that once I returned to the house it cleared up. It is a bit difficult to describe but it was like I could no longer focus my eyes, it was an almost  forced tunnel vision, it reminds me of how I see in dreams-unable to focus directly on anything.  I was getting scared, thought maybe I was on the verge of a stroke or something.  So my question is, if you are psychic or highly intuitive have you ever experienced anything like this? 

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  1. Yes and usually it means there is a lot of chaotic energy. Focus on your feet becoming roots so you'll be grounded. It always helps me.