26 October 2011

Lunar Samhuinn

Today is Lunar Samhuinn, the New Moon in Scorpio.  I find today especially to be auspicious as it also marks my anniversary, 27 years actively walking my pagan path.

I have found today quite still, energy-wise.  The cats have been racing up a storm in recent days and once darkness falls this house gets rather loud with unseen activity.  I made the mistake several days back of digging into my family tree at around midnight.  My nephew is reading The Crucible in school and had an interest in our ancestors from that time.  We are descendants and relatives of several of those poor souls accused and also put to death at the Salem Witch Trials.  I've known of these people for years, being a part of my ancestry.  I know their sad stories, persecuted and murdered all because of jealousy, greed and pettiness. While I tried to assemble my info and find out exactly how many generations back they are, so my nephew could bring that information with him to school this week, I began getting tapped and feeling the room get crowded.  There was a pushing insistence filling the room rather oppressively.  It took me a few days to figure out what and why and over the weekend I discovered that several of those families from that time were related in some way, or became related after the trials.  So my ancestral lines overlap to and fro and it was here I discovered that some of those petty, greedy accusers are also family.  These were the presences I was feeling that late night, their insistence, pushiness and wanting to be heard. They were denied of course, because it was very late and I was not physically or mentally prepared.  Since then it has quieted.  I am thinking that with my interest in ancestral healing I have a very interesting task before me.  Healing my ancestral lines when I am related to all involved.  Fascinating!

So on this Lunar Samhuinn, Scorpio energy swirling all about, I am plotting out a healing in time. To utilise this energies between now and the next New Moon.  To release all that energy, free it and anything attached to it. I feel this is exactly what is needed right now, not just for me, but for so many.  My 27th anniversary, in numerology that breaks down to a 9, the ending of a cycle. So what better time to release the past and start fresh with all of this incredible 'new start' energy coming in the year ahead? 

I invite others to join me in this, work with your own family, whether you know your ancestry or not, if you feel this is necessary to benefit your family then by all means, listen to your intuition.  During this time that the veil is thin I cannot think of any better opportunity to work with our ancestors than now.

I do not have any particular method or website to promote, I have looked over the following link in the past.  Passing it along in hopes someone will benefit. I will add a disclaimer that I do not necessarily agree or disagree with anything that site contains (meaning I have not read through thoroughly!).  Please keep in mind that much of the sites out there all seem to want to sell you something.  This is something you can work on yourself, if you don't feel comfortable then educate yourself and research until you do get to that place of confidence.

links: kch42.dial.pipex.com/ancestral.htm

Happy Samhuinn!!

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