07 October 2011

Day 11-44 Days of Witchery-Witchy tools: oils

Oils are a large part of my life, both for home and career I work with oils frequently. I have been studying aromatherapy, flower essences, herbalism, medicinal oils and what not since I was a teenager. No *official* schooling unless you count reading through my grandmother's Bach flower therapy course. Everything I have learned I learned through my grandmother and my own self-led studies.

As a massage therapist I do work with oils during aromatherapy massages, which I don't often do unless requested and a full work up of allergies, etc. is done first. I cannot work with certain oils (rosemary, geranium) in a massage one due to my high blood pressure and the other due to a scent memory trigger that leads to full blown panic attack...So neither are a part of my massage repertoire. I do frequently, especially getting into this time of year, do sinus massage with eucalyptus, peppermint or tea tree. When working at a spa we had a high rate of people who were not regulars, just tourists, wanting a massage and not caring that being sick was a contraindication for massage (not to mention exposing said MT to their germs!). So, for their comfort and my self need for flow and quiet during my work. I would start with a sinus massage to clear them right up and then proceed.

As a mother and homekeeper oils are a must have for me. I use them in medicinal remedies for various ailments-some from bought essential oils and some from home made (ie garlic oil, mullein oil for ear aches). I buy all of my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs, while it goes against my buying local stance they are the best I have found and they are really earth conscious in how they obtain their oils. For the home I use them in cleaning and keeping the house pest free and smelling fresh. I add essential oils to my cleaning water when I mop and wash. Sometimes with laundry I'll add some eucalyptus to help kill dust mites in bedding and stuffed animals. I use a blend to disinfect the air and clean surfaces (great during cold and flu season) as well as spray mint oil blends to keep mice out.

My favorite spray blend is a night time/sweet dreams blend I made to help Pixie during her bedtime routine. It was some time before we learned she had a dark elf in her closet and it was scaring her something awful as she could sense it. I cleansed, attempted banishings of whatever was hiding out in her closet as I could feel it too. Nothing worked and shortly after a friend told us what was in there and that it was not leaving, however it was harmless and more a protector for Pixie so the atmosphere changed greatly. In the meantime I had been spritzing her room with a blend of spearmint, orange and a bit of lavender to help calm her at bed time. This was no matter where she ended up as she more often than not would end up sleeping with me.

What I don't do enough is use oils in a magical sense. I do not dress candles and have not in over 15 years, I rarely use them in ritual or annointings. I am definitely more a kitchen witch in my usage, hearth and home.

This post is part of the 44 Days of Witchery

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