14 October 2011

Day 18-44 Days of Witchery-Have you had any paranormal experiences?

Short answer?  Yes. I had experiences as a small child but I seemingly convinced myself it was my imagination or dreams.  The first big one that left a lasting impression happened when I was about 10 or 11 and sleeping over my then stepfather's parents' house.  They lived in this huge three story house, rather posh and very old out near the seacoast.  I was sleeping in a second floor bedroom alone when at some point during my night I woke and felt someone in the room with me. I tentatively peeked around and saw an old woman walking from the doorway toward me, she was wearing a long white nightgown and was carrying something in her hand which had her attention.  She had a pleasant old lady look to her however she kept walking toward me and not  knowing who she was I was getting a bit nervous that she had not responded to my presence, at this same time it clicked that she wasn't all that solid either.  Coldness overcame me, sheer terror, that iciness in the pit of one's stomach.  All the hairs stood up on my neck and head as she came up along side of my bed and reached for the blankets.  It was then I pulled the blankets over my head and I think I fainted, I don't remember anything after that until I woke in the morning. Now, I have replayed this over and over, was I dreaming? Absolutely not.  My dreaming style has always been very discernible for me, I see images in my dreams differently than when awake, and I have always known when I am dreaming.  So, that morning I went down to breakfast and asked my hosts who the old lady was who came into my room.  my stepfather's mother casually replied "oh that was his mother's room (stepfather's father), she passed away in there years ago.'


After that anything obviously and tangibly paranormal was scattered at best, I was already struggling with empathic and clairaudient abilities that I had no clue about so I consciously tuned out a lot in order to survive a childhood already filled with abuse, fear, and instability.  It was after Pixie was born that it started up again to the point I saw physical manifestations.  So to answer's today's question, yes, I've had a few!

This post is part of the 44 Days for Witchery

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