01 October 2011

Day 5-44 Days of Witchery-A favourite Goddess

Before I go into my ramble about a favorite Goddess I have to first share this site of an incredible artist, Forest Rogers. I found her while looking for imagery to include here, please go check out the amazing creations she has shared. The following is her rendition of my favorite goddess Flidais.

So, my favorite goddess, it was tough as I have a few I really connect with however Flidais-Goddess of the Woodlands (or as I tend to refer to her, Goddess of the Wild Things) takes the top spot. I really connected to her when we lived very rurally in Nowhereville, NH where we had more moose, deer, bear, bobcat, fox and coyote than we did people. It was bliss to wander through the woods.

I've always had this odd connection with deer. Not sure if it's a totem for me but I had a friend, who is Finnish and follows the native shamanic path, tell me that I am a reindeer person. That in her belief system people didn't have totems they had spirit animals and were this animal or that, they carried the energy or qualities that represented each person. At least that is how she tried to explain it to me, language barrier and all I think she did rather well. So, reindeer people are certain kind of healers she said. They love to help however struggle with making decisions sometimes (um, hello? Easiest way to torture a Libra is to force them to make a choice! lol).

So about this time that I learned this I was also being introduced to Flidais and back then there was very little to be found on the internet, and just about zero artwork! I did manage to find one lovely piece (image left) by artist Calvin Camp that I bought and hung over my altar. It's a large, lovely print currently in storage (and I miss her!).

As for information, I think that as we work with various dieties we learn their stories. So despite not having much to go on with her I managed to learn a great deal anyway and find that as with working with crystals, the right aspects come when you need them most.

This post is part of the 44 Days of Witchery

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