15 October 2011

Day 19-44 Days of Witchery-Fire element.

seems rather redundant after already posting fire two days ago, but. whatever. So I will take a different route and share how fire plays into my life.  In my astrological natal chart fire is the scarcest element to be found.  I have three Aries placements-Saturn, Chiron and North Node both in Aries.  So the fire energy is there but more from a karmic perhaps past life angle. Physically the red does show on me in my reddish hair, and no matter what color I may change my hair to the red highlights always manage to force themselves out. I find that the same with all of my family and friends with Aries in their charts, that warm, fiery glow especially around the head and neck.

This photo of my aura was taken last month at a psychic fair. This is the four of it's kind I've had done and it never fails to surprise me that my aura isn't this peaceful blue, purple and green. instead it pretty much stays gold, yellow and orange.  Early on there was more read but the reader (who has done all four) said its shifting more to gold, with some green hovering around my throat and heart chakras (this moves).  Past photos you can see me through the color.  This was amazing, I can barely see my face this time around!  I figure that while I may lack fire in my natal chart, the energy does manifest elsewhere in intensity and passion-and some days this is a lot more passion than one person can handle!

This post is part of the 44 Days of Witchery

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