29 October 2011

Day 33-44 Days of Witchery-Faerie of your choice.

I have no idea what to call it, Dryad, Sidhe Draoi, who knows.   However, six or seven years ago when I lived in western NH, deep in the boonies.  I was living in an amazing area-earth and water were in abundance as I lived in the mountains that was home to the watersheds for three large rivers.  The energy here was amazing and the land welcomed Pixie and I with open arms.  It was here I saw my first *faerie*, a nature spirit that ran by me while I was out hanging laundry one early June afternoon.  Movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention and I turned to see this being about 2 1/2-3ft tall and it sprinted past me from a grouping up saplings and out past a large pine tree. *Her* (I felt a feminine presence to it) hair was leaves, with a brown/coppery hue to them and she was thin and delicate, with limbs that were proportionately longer than a human form would have.  They also had more of a branch like look to them.  The figure skipped/ran past me.  there were no trees or bushes to obscure my vision, it was all open and the ground dappled with sunlight and I stood there staring.  Minutes passed by and I just stood there, in shock, questioning my sanity, confirming I had not been drinking or taking any drugs (I didn't drink then even socially when Pixie was small).  It took several minutes to absorb what I had just seen and months of searching imagery to try and relate what I saw.  I cannot draw or paint to save my life so I've never been able to fully capture what I saw, or even identify it.  It was this time I really became connected and enamoured by nature spirits. 

We were so connected to the hum and rhythm there and when it came time to leave we sadly said goodbye and gave our love and thanks for the welcome we received.  When I returned a year later, to collect garden plants I was unable to take with me the year before, the energy was no longer there.  It was empty, bleak and remote.  As if whomever was there to welcome me four years earlier and moved on.

This post is part of the 44 Days of Witchery

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